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"The Email Starter Kit brings basic knowledge from the legend Matt Bacak who has been doing direct response marketing since 1997. Students likes Roberto and myself who have been mentored by Matt are applying basic practices to build a list and make money.

This video teaches you about changing mindset and learning to keep things simple. The highlight for me is what Matt said 'When things get boring in your business, that's when you start to make lots of money'.

I highly recommend getting 'The Email Starter Kit' so you can learn from the legend how it is done. Matt and Roberto are genuine people and are looking to help people make money from home. You can trust these guys for your success!"

- Faisal Rahman, Lives in Toronto, Canada, Founder of Bulls Eye Digital Marketing Tips Newsletter

"The most compelling section of this interview is when Matt reveals the 6 secret steps he follows to maintain his huge success.

The best way to become successful is to surround yourself with experts who are already successful, hugely successful in this case. Whenever Matt Bacak talks internet marketing and more specifically, email marketing, you ought to listen very closely.

Matt has made multi millions and has been marketing online for over 20 years. Here, one of his top students, Roberto Pastrana has full access to Matt to delve into the deepest, darkest secrets of his mind and unlock the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur."

- Adie Mervyn, Lives in Manchester UK, Graduated Student of the Email Millionaire Intensive

"The most successful people in the email niche are those who understand the core principles on a detailed level. The Email Starter Kit Video does a great job of keeping it to just that: the core principles with the necessary details to get anyone, of any background, started on the right path to success.

The starter kit reveals the importance setting your foundation with the right mindset and nine important characteristics to create an environment most conducive for success.

For anyone serious about getting into the digital marketing space, I advise you take notes on the 6-step formula revealed in The Email Starter Kit and then take a while to think about how to turn the content within into action for yourself. Your success will come from the profound understanding that belongs to those who take the time to contemplate the simple truth within."

- Andrew, CPA, Founder of Digital Marketing Inquirer

"This is RIDICULOUS! How the heck did Roberto get Matt Bacak to reveal so much of his knowledge for such a CRAZY Price. The emil Starter Kit is perfect for beginners (newbies) specially...

But, evenen experienced email marketers should get this because there are so many golden nuggets given amway inside... Heck... The 6-step formula revealed inside is worth at least 100x the asking price alone!

If I'd have had something like this available to me when I first started, I'd have knocked about 5 years off my learning curve! So, my advice...GET IT NOW!"

- Jon L., lives in Windsor UK, Founder of Online Profit Making Mastery Newsletter

"Freaking Brilliant. Rod and Matt has shown us the correct way to implement email marketing. I am already implementing 3 of the golden nuggets I learnt in the course. Also the 2 Hidden Hacks they discussed has saved me a lot of time and am looking forward to increase in my conversions. Thanks Matt and Rob."

- Bhadra Patel, Graduated Student of the Email Millionaire Intensive

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I may only be keeping this dime sale up for a few days... after which I would remove the product from the market for at least six months. At that time I may re-release it at $97 or $127.

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"Just before all the alarms started for Coronavirus I was in Atlanta and I was studying email marketing with Matt Bacak. And while I was there, I met a really genius guy, His name is Roberto. Since I came back, they got together, and they created a gem of a product. Something that is really clever, that can really help you build a list.

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